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Solution <strong><em>Opportunities</em></strong>

We offer potential clients several options based on your actual need.
What we offer!

01 <strong><em>Benefit Plan Analysis</em></strong>

Our Benefit Utilization and Chronic Disease Analyses provide a look into your health plan population

02 <strong><em>Chronic Health Advocacy</em></strong>

Our Health & Wellness Consultation and the Integrated Health Advocacy Program (IHAP) offer help for those that live with multiple chronic conditions

03 <strong><em>IHAP Licensing</em></strong>

Our IHAP Licensing option offers licensing for healthcare providers

04 <strong><em>IHAP Training</em></strong>

Our IHAP Training option offers training for healthcare providers and professionals

"So much of what we’re dealing with are lifestyle changes, [along with] daily stressors that impact their ability to focus on their health; the counseling and behavioral components are really crucial and ARE really what set IHAP apart in my mind."


Former Hospital CEO

"When I took the [Plan Summary] into my family physician to setup tests and follow appointments, she was ecstatic and said 'finally companies are starting to believe in preventative medicine.' She hailed the Program and [my employer] for being involved in such a great program."


Former IHAP Partcipant

“IHAP provides employers with a unique opportunity to support employees with multiple healthcare needs that traditional wellness programs cannot reach. This program is one-of-a-kind and has the potential to make a difference for [any employer].”


CEO of Brokerage Firm

Benefit Plan Analysis

Benefit Utilization Analysis

Our analytics process can identify the impact of chronic disease on a Benefit Plan.  This information can be important when planning your future healthcare plans. Part of the analysis will include a snapshot of your population healthcare utilization and costs across time as well as a 3-year analysis of your population’s risk for chronic disease.

Chronic Disease Analysis

This analysis goes further by identifying the high utilizers and/or dealing with multiple chronic conditions. Our report will provide insights into the impact of chronic disease risk on future healthcare utilization. It will include a list of the top chronic diseases found in the population, a clinical review of individuals dealing with 4 or more chronic conditions, and example profiles of these employees.

Chronic Health Advocacy

Health & Wellness Consultation

Our Clinical Advocate Team consultation includes a review of each identified individual to provide advice and support to better manage their chronic conditions. Included in this in-person consultation will be a review of medications and address any medical questions they might have regarding their conditions.


Our Integrated Health Advocacy Program® (IHAP®) provides a patient-centered team approach that changes health outcomes while lowering healthcare costs. By using advocacy, education and support, IHAP collaborates with each individual to emphasize appropriate interventions, to avoid redundancy of treatments, and to adhere to medication compliance, thus saving healthcare dollars.
IHAP Licensing

BPA offers healthcare providers the opportunity to license IHAP to complement existing offerings in an organization including on-site clinics and wellness services. This offering includes training professionals for the effective integration of the program into health groups, clinics, hospitals, corporations or health benefit plans.

IHAP Training

Our IHAP Clinical Advocate Team trains medical and psychosocial professionals who want to become IHAP Advocates in their respective domains to enhance their professional credentials.  Once trained, these individuals may go on to be consultants with BPA on one of our teams or work for a licensed team through the licensing program.

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