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Integrated Health Advocacy Program
What is IHAP

The Integrated Health Advocacy Program® (IHAP®), is revolutionizing Chronic Disease Management. This program addresses the healthcare needs of the most critical segment of our health care population today - individuals with multiple
(4-12) chronic illnesses that comprise 2.5% to 5% of the population at a given time, and spend 60% of employers’
healthcare dollars.

Through a multidisciplinary team approach, this program provides support to these employees, in an effort to improve their overall health outcomes. This program also enables primary care providers to focus on acute health issues, while the advocacy team coordinates the management of chronic health issues. Throughout the process the individual is supported and educated on how to begin to partner effectively with his or her healthcare providers in the management of his or her healthcare needs. The program assumes responsibility for collaborating with primary care providers and specialty providers, to ensure that there is an appropriate high-level exchange of information for each participant in the management of the multiple, chronic illnesses of each individual.

Through the Integrated Health Advocacy Program we will…

• Provide employers with an evidence-based model for significantly decreasing your employee’s healthcare costs
• Deliver performance metrics to measure your Return on Investment (ROI), and Reduction in Total Cost (RTC)
• Provide research driven outcome data to measure your employees' progress in IHAP
• Educate your employees to change from being “patients” to being effective consumers of their healthcare

Intrigued by IHAP, but still unclear on how it works? Check out our video segments to hear from participants, administrators and advocates about this non-traditional medical model. Learn how teams of doctors, nurses and psychosocials manage cases collaboratively to reduce duplicative treatments, information overload and, ultimately, healthcare costs for sufferers of multiple chronic conditions and their employers.


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