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Maria E. J. Kuhn, MS, FAPA, LCPC

Maria E. J. Kuhn, MS, FAPA, LCPC

CEO | Managing Partner

In 2011, Maria became the Managing Partner of Benefit Performance Associates, LLC (BPA) and has led a young team of talented professionals to revitalize the marketing strategy and product design of the Integrated Health Advocacy Program® (IHAP®). Maria has been passionate as a healthcare consultant about training and educating multidisciplinary professionals to work together using the IHAP model addressing physical, psychological and social conditions in the treatment of the whole person. Maria envisions BPA to be contributing significantly to the ongoing discussion of how to address improving the quality of life for individuals who are dealing with multiple chronic illnesses.

Maria holds a BA from Dominican University and an MA in Pastoral Studies from Loyola University as well as a Master of Science in Counseling/ Psychology from Brighton University.

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