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Christina M. Krause, Ph.D.

Christina M. Krause, Ph.D.

Partner | Director of Research

Christina has been committed to examining the data and the effects of the Integrated Health Advocacy Program® (IHAP®) since the establishment of its first hospital site over 10 years ago. She has presented the outcomes of this research project at numerous local and international conferences (e.g., International Conference on the Scientific Basis of Health Service in D.C., Research Meeting of the Academy of Health, the National Rural Women’s Health Conference, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, etc.) and has been energized by the results that individuals with multiple health issues are helped by treating their whole-person needs.

Dr. Krause has a PhD from Northern Illinois University in both Experimental & Developmental psychology. In addition to IHAP she is a Professor Emeritus at Aurora University, Illinois.

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